Fedex Overnight

Animals will be shipped through Fedex Overnight directly to your door. I ship on Mondays only for Tuesday delivery. Shipping will be $50 per box, so multiple geckos can be shipped for the same amount. 

Live Arrival Guarantee

Every precaution is taken to ensure your package arrives safe and healthy. I do offer a 100% live arrival guarantee as long as the following is followed. 

  1. Someone must be available to accept the delivery.
  2. A confirmation email or phone call is made to me within 1 hour of the package being delivered, (I get the update from fedex) Please make this call or email even if there is no issues. I like to know my animals are not sitting on a porch somewhere. 

Scheduling a Shipment

After receiving payment for an animal, I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss a shipping date. As stated above, I ship on Mondays for Tuesday delivery. I will work with you to ensure someone is available to receive your new gecko.